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What is the difference between Super Kmart Center, BIG Kmart and Kmart?
While this may not be an official representation this is strictly based on my opinion only.
  • Super Kmart Center, a Super Kmart Center had pretty much everything necessary such as a florist, tire rotation shop, Pharmacy, Optical Shop, snack bar, complete grocery store, garden center,other small business like H&R Block, hair cutter, nail salon, ect.

  • BIG Kmart, a BIG Kmart would still have many of the services as a Super Kmart Center although some services may not be available witch would very on the store.

  • Kmart, just a Kmart may have some of the services available as to what a Super Kmart Center has and what a BIG Kmart has although it may be very limited depending on the store.
As fair as the hours, the Super Kmart Center and BIG Kmart would be open 24/7 while the Kmart would have set hours. Regardless if the store was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , some of the services such as the tire rotation shop, pharmacy excluding the garden shop may have set hours from when they're open and closed.

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