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On eBay does it seem like there’s a lot more stuff involving Kmart than Sears?
Both retailers Kmart and Sears or shutting down stores left and right, last year my area lost it’s only Kmart on the peninsula and on the southside they also lost their only Kmart also leaving the state of Virginia without a Kmart. Sadly we have joined the many states that don’t have a Kmarts.

Now on the other hand in 2018/2019 we lost our only Sears on the peninsula not sure about the southside however in the Commonwealth of Virginia there still are at least four Sears that are still open.

With the many locations closing down it seems that there is a lot more Kmart stuff being made available for sale on eBay and hardly anything related to Sears other than the typical stuff that you would see that in my opinion isn’t really all that significant.

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