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SaveTheKmarts.com and SaveTheSears.com is a fan site dedicated to Kmart and Sears. If you want to #SaveTheKmarts and #SaveTheSears, shop at your local @Sears and @kmart so they can be saved, if not your local @Sears and @kmart might be on the chopping block to hear "store closing".

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    Kmart and Sears Trivia

    Did you know that both retailers Kmart and Sears we're both featured in blockbuster movies?


    Kmart: (Talk about this Kmart on our discussion forum)

    In the 2009 movie “Madea Goes to Jail”, the infamous scene where Madea is driving around the parking lot that you finally sees a customer leaving their parking spot only for another customer who is driving a red sporty car to swipe the parking spot right from her. If you watch the movie you know Madea she has a pretty bad attitude when someone does her wrong, she demands that the lady who took her spot move her car and the lady refuses so what is Madea do, gets hold of construction forklift and moves her car for her and as a woman who is inside the store sees her car being moved by Madea comes out of the store and demands that Madea puts her car down which Madea just drops it.

    News, this was relatively easy to find although sadly to report this Kmart is closed.

    Anyway if you want to see this Kmart, you can see it on Google maps, if not then sit back and enjoy the scene from Madea Goes to Jail.

    Note: At the beginning of this scene you can clearly see BIG Kmart followed by Kenmore, Craftsman, and Die Hard, and toward the end you can see Rainbow, department store (closed) that is in the adjacent shopping center followed by Dollar which is Dollar Tree and good news they are still open to this day.



    Sears: (Know the store number of this Sears that was used in the 1995 The Brady Bunch movie? Let us know)

    The first retailer is Sears, in the 1995 movie The Brady Bunch decided to celebrate by getting on their Sunday's best by going to Sears.

    According to the Internet Movie Database (IMBD) someone had posted under the trivia, the Sears that the Brady Bunch family visited it's located in Honolulu, Hawaii sadly they reported that store is closed. Note, they did not say the address or the store number.

    Anyway sit back and enjoy the scene from The Brady Bunch visiting Sears at the celebration.


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