Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us that is why we have created this privacy policy.

By default our web-server collects some information; the information that is collected by default is stored into two databases. There two databases are called logs and these two logs are “access logs” and “error logs”.

These two logs have three reasons witch are: a.) if we find a lot of users are trying to access a page that does not exist such we may put an auto redirect to the most likely page, b.) to enforce the terms, privacy policy, c.) to also maintain the server’s and site’s security.

Access logs

The information that is collected automatically includes your IP address i.e., date and time stamp i.e. 01/May/2016:09:15:55, what was accessed i.e., type i.e. http, browser type, Mozilla/5.0, and operating system and version i.e. Windows NT 5.1; rv:46.0.

Error logs

The information that is collected automatically includes date and time stamp i.e. Sat Apr 30 07:17:48 2016, type i.e. error, IP address i.e., what is missing i.e. .css, .js, ect, and the referrer URL if that applies.


If you choose to participate in the discussion forum you will need to provide some information, if you chose not to provide the required information you will not be able to create an account and participate in the discussion forum.

**** Items that are red are required, only those with a star (*) is public. ****

  • Username/screen name*, this will be made public and will show up every time you make a post or respond to someone else's tread.
  • Password: You will need to create a password and also confirm the password by typing it in again, this will not be disclosed to anyone and you should not disclose it to anyone either. Keep it a secret!
  • Valid email address, this will be used for activation, reset password and commutation if you enable this.
  • Referral*: Not required, but will be public if you/or someone enters your username on the signup page. To see who has referred anyone to this website, click on there person’s name and look under USERNAME HERE Forum Info and look for Members Referred:, then click on the number if it is 1 or greater.
  • Capatcha, In order to prevent automated sign ups, you need to enter the letters and numbers exactly as they appear in the image, they are case sensitive.
  • Security question: This is just an extra layer of protection in order to prevent automated sign ups, simply answer the question for example if the security question was what is 1 + 1 in the box just put the number 2.

Account preferences: Theses settings can be changed in the user’s control panel, short URL is here > look under “Your Profile” and then click on the link on what you wish to change.

You are strongly advised to please read the following information as this will help you decide on whether or not you wish to receive or not receive and also whether to make some information such as your email address visible or hidden including your status whether you're online or not.
Note: If the box is checked it indicates yes if the box does not have a check it indicates no.

  • Receive emails from the administrator
  • Hide your email address other members
  • Receive private messages from other users
  • Alert me with a notice when I receive a private message
  • Hide me from the who is online list

If you want to receive instant notifications via email or by (DM) direct message please choose from the drop-down menu or if you don't want to receive anything leave it as do not subscribe.

Finally time zone, you can choose the time zone followed by if you want the system to automatically detect daylight savings time.

Additional account information (Everything listed below will be publicly available, registered and non-registered members who are logged in or not logged in will be able to see this.)

  • Profile images also known as avatars are made public whenever you create a thread or you respond to a thread furthermore it is publicly available if someone chooses to access your profile page
  • Your username is made public and it will be visible whenever you create a thread or you respond to a thread.
  • The following information will be made public whenever you create a trend, respond to a thread and also will be made available on your profile page regardless if someone is signed in or not
  • Your username
  • Profile image for Avatar
  • Your rank also the number of stars
  • Registration date
  • Date of birth if you choose to provide one
  • Last time when you are logged into the forum
  • The status indicating whether you are online or offline
  • Last visit
  • Number of post that you have made per day
  • Dreads that you made per day
  • Time spent online
  • How many members did you refer
  • Your reputation

If someone referred you to our forum and you entered their name for example on the registration form when it ask you referral and you entered the name admin, if you go to the admins profile and you look under the section Edmunds forum info under members referred indicating the number and you click on that number your name will show up.

Any post or trends including attachments and images will be made public however there may be some parts of the form that if you choose to post it won't be made public but will be available for moderators and/or administrators.

Third-party links

Our domain name is, anything not on "" is a third-party, almost all, if not all websites have a separate and independent privacy policy, there for we cannot be responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these third-parties. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrity of our website so we welcome any feedback about these third-parties.


This site is not directed to children under 13 years of age, nor do we sell products or services intended for purchase by children, and we do not knowingly collect or store any personal information. The reason is, it is impossible for us to know how old a visitor is and children under the age of 13 years old sometimes and often lies about his/her age so we assume that he/she who is accessing our website is 13 year or order or has parents, legal guardians or teacher’s permission to access this website. (Some of the wording came from (Link opens in new window.)


No computer system is 100% hack proof, while we make reasonable safeguards like not asking for certain information unless you provide it to us voluntarily, creating a privacy policy, make our website available over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, any transmission of data over the Internet can not be guaranteed to be completely secure. This website is hosted on a VPS with other users which means we pay host1plus to host this website so they may or may not collect information, you can read their privacy policy at (Link opens in new window.)

Changes to this privacy policy

By using this website you agree privacy policy, and you also agree that we reserve the right to change, alter, modify, add, and/or remove any part in whole or in sections of this privacy policy. If we do change, alter, modify, add, and/or remove any part in whole or in sections of this privacy policy it will be posted here.

Last updated on Thursday, January 16, 2020

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